Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Foods To Avoid - Crohns Disease

For patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, simply getting enough nutrients in a daily diet is challenging enough. The intestinal inflammation caused by the disease can zap a person’s appetite, taking all the fun out of eating.
But good nutrition is an important element in reducing Crohn’s symptoms. It’s first important to understand why bad nutrition can harm you as a Crohn’s patient before you can understand what to do to make sure you get those nutrients.
Of primary importance to Crohn’s patients is keeping inflammation down. Bad nutrition can increase inflammation, and can decrease your energy levels. Your body needs as much energy as possible to help fight off infections and strengthen your immune system.
Some Crohn’s patients erroneously believe diet and exercise can help beat Crohn’s, but there is no scientific data to support that theory.
The goal is to use a diet to help battle the symptoms of Crohn’s, but this is mostly about which food to avoid, rather than which foods to seek out. By doing this, Crohn’s patients are able to relieve symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pain.
The following foods may be beneficial for Crohn’s patients to avoid:
  • Fried foods: Overall, these foods may not be good for your health, and they also can cause diarrhea and gas.
  • Butter, margarine, and oils: These foods may cause diarrhea and gas, especially in patients who have had bowel removal surgery.
  • Dairy products: Especially in patients with lactose intolerance.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables: While fruits and vegetables are essential to a nutritious diet, in raw form these foods can cause gas.
  • High fiber foods: Also a gas producer, Crohn’s patients should avoid these foods as much as possible to maintain ease on the digestive tract.
  • Alcohol: Not only will alcohol potentially have a negative interaction with any Crohn’s medications you’re currently taking, it may dehydrate you, making it difficult for you to drink enough water to maintain a balance. It’s wise for Crohn’s patients to refrain from drinking alcohol as much as they can.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine stimulates the small intestines, which makes diarrhea worse. Stay away from coffee, but also avoid sodas, which contain both caffeine and carbonation—which may cause bloating.
If you’re working with your doctor to find a nutritional balance that works for you, try keeping a food diary. Track the foods you eat, noting your corresponding symptoms. This will help you and your physician determine if certain foods are exacerbating your symptoms, helping you avoid them in the future.
While there is no evidence to support that certain foods can trigger Crohn’s symptoms, it’s helpful to stay away from foods that you find make symptoms worse.
For Crohn’s patients interested in keeping symptoms at bay without increasing medications, gaining control over your nutritional intake may be the key to finding a way to manage Crohn’s symptoms while being as healthy as possible.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Smile A Day - September 29th


So who starts at quarterback for the Saskatchewan RoughRiders in the next game Friday against the Calgary Stampeders?  Well we know it won't be Henry Burris unless the Riders manage to pull off a miraculous trade with the Ottawa RedBlacks.  If not, does it really matter.  I mean the Calgary Stampeders are coming to town sporting the best record in the Canadian Football League and probably salivating at the thought of meeting the directionless RoughRiders.
After a 24 - 0 no show against the Edmonton Eskimos, it's easy to blame the quarterbacks.  Neither Tino Sunseri or Seth Doege showed any promise at all.  To think that either one of them can beat the Stampeders would be a dream.  Although they say dreams do  come true.  Then there is Keith Price.  We haven't had a look at him yet but really could he do any worse.
So who do the Riders turn to

“Everything is week to week. They are here and the only thing in the building right now is Tino, Seth and Keith (Price). Until something changes, Darian comes back or something else changes, that’s what we have.”  Cory Chamblin on the Riders quarterbacking situation

The Riders sorry performance can't be blamed solely on the quarterbacks although some point s but on the board would send a ripple of confidence through the rest of the team.  The defence was literally run over by Jon White and Mike Reilly.
White amassing almost 200 hundreds.   The Riders three man running game went AWOL producing only 98 yards in total.

The Riders got some help along the way this weekend with the Calgary Stampeders downing the BC Lions and the Hamilton Tiger Cats stopping the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Saskatchewan sits in second place tied with the Edmonton Eskimos both with records of nine wins and four losses.
Calgary Stampeders lead the way at eleven and two.
The Lions are 7 wins 6 losses and the Bombers are 6 and 7.
So the Riders have maybe a week, maybe two to figure things out at quarterback and save their season.  Winnipeg is at Ottawa so you have to think the bombers will win that one.  Hamilton hosts BC Lions in a game that really could go either way.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Smile A Day - September 28th

Halloween Comes Early - Riders Dress As Ghosts

A large number of Saskatchewan RoughRiders fans made their annual pilgrimage to Edmonton to watch the Edmonton Eskimos host their Riders.  While the fans showed up, the Saskatchewan
RoughRiders did not falling 24 - 0 to the Eskimos.  That's right…the Eskimos pitched a shutout.  In the high scoring Canadian Football League a shutout is about as rare as a politician telling the truth.  In fact the last time the Riders were shut out was way back in 1986 when they were hammered 56 - 0 by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Coming into the game the Riders were sporting nine wins and three losses.  The Eskimos were 8 wins and 4 losses
You would expect both teams to come out of the tunnel fired up.  Well one team did and it wasn't the Riders.   The Riders were either practising some kind of disappearing act or perhaps dressing as ghosts getting ready for Halloween.  The Riders are supposed to be the CFL's number one team against the run.  Well don't tell that to John White or Mike Reilly.  They ran through the Rider defence like it wasn't there.
White finished with 192 yards on 17 carries.   192 yards.   The Riders as a team totalled something like 96 yards on the ground.

"It's business, strictly business, all business," said White. "Right off the hop, I knew what it was going to be and that's what happened."

"A loss is a loss to me. Whether it is by one point or 10 points, in the end you have lost the game. I'm really not into the history part of it," said Riders head coach Corey Chamblin. "We already got our butts kicked outside, there is no reason for me to go in (the locker room) and do it again. This team has won enough football games and done a good enough job this year. I know the men I have in that room. At the same time, that one hurt."